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Full Count Baseball History: 

  • 15 MLB Draft Picks since 2018 

  • Draft Picks in 2022( Druw Jones 1st Round Arizona Diamondbacks, Landon Sims 1st Round Arizona Diamondbacks  ,Mason Barnett Kansas City  Alex Cook Tampa Bay Rays, Won Bin Cho ST Louis Cardinals) 

  •  Cole Waites was the first player to debut in the big leagues for Full Count Baseball.  Waites  was Drafted in the 18th Rd in the 2019 MLB Draft. He made his debut 9/13/2022 against The Atlanta Braves. 

  • Over 300+ college Scholarships since 2017

  • Full Count Baseball partners with Auburn University Baseball. In our first year working together, the Tigers reached OMAHA.

  • Home of The Gwinnett County Pitcher of The Year Since 2017 (Jake Brace,Davis Sharpe ,Xander Stephens/ Brandt Pancer <and Coulson Buchanan

  • Home of The Gwinnett County Player of The Year Druw Jones

  • Onbase U certified Instructors

    • In 2022 we had 3 Trainers Move on to the Pro Ball and the Division 1 levels

    • Cam Fritz took the role of Head of Player Development at Georgia State.

    • Kasen Rainey took the Director of Player Strategy Position at Alabama University

    • Bo Way took a scouting job with the Philadelphia Phillies 

  • Over 10+ years of Professional baseball experience

Full Count was established in 2016

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